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vi (just after slumber and many others) → sich strecken; (= be elastic) → sich dehnen, dehnbar sein; (= increase: time, region, authority, impact) → sich erstrecken (→ to bis, around über +acc); (= be enough: food stuff, money, product) → reichen (to fileür); (= grow to be looser) → weiter werden; (= grow to be extended) → länger werden; the rope received’t stretch to that post → das Seil reicht nicht bis zu dem Pfosten (hinüber); to stretch to succeed in a little something → sich recken, um etw zu erreichen; he stretched throughout and touched her cheek → er reichte herüber und berührte ihre Wange; to stretch back to → zurückreichen bis; the fields stretched absent into the distance → die Felder dehnten sich bis in die Ferne aus; the many years stretched (out) forward of him → die Jahre dehnten sich vor ihm aus; a lifetime of misery stretched (out) prior to her → vor ihr breitete sich ein Leben voll Kummer und Leid aus; the protests stretched into their second week → die Proteste dauerten bereits die zweite Woche an; I'm able to’t stretch to that → so viel kann ich mir nicht erlauben; our resources won’t stretch to that → das lassen unsere Finanzen nicht zu

Tuck your toes underneath you. You ought to be resting over the balls of your respective ft together with your toes pointing forward.

The OPTP Stretch Out Strap with 2nd Version Booklet is actually a patented long strap with a number of loops that enable the user to effectively stretch important muscle teams with greater security and Command.

Stretch so you're able to experience it, but stretch easily, hardly ever power a stretch or you might injure yourself.

He has found his passion dealing with individuals with confined joint and muscular flexibility. This enthusiasm birthed the site yourstretchdoc.com

Prolong your arms and attain forward, bending at the waist as much as you can although maintaining your knees straight.

Excellent Style and design. Would not hurt doorway and stays set. The Metallic Plate in the Door Anchor is padded with Foam and lined with soft Felt so this leg stretching tools will not likely scratch or destruction your doorway and received’t go or slide When you’re stretching your legs.

› [ T ] if one thing stretches cash or other sources, it utilizes almost all the money or sources available so that there is little or no remaining:

Push against your elbows looking to near your legs. (This contracts your groin muscles that may help you obtain a further stretch.)

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to stretch oneself by extending the limbs and lengthening the muscles to the utmost: to stretch and yawn.

Yes. It is not a necessity that you choose to stretch right before or immediately after your normal exercise. It is simply vital that you just stretch someday.

five. To increase a muscle to some extent of pressure, Specially to really make it limber or to relieve a cramp or website soreness. A noun or pronoun may be used in between "stretch" and "out." I really need to stretch my legs out soon after this kind of long term. She started stretching out her arms and legs in planning for your match.

Use the Stretch Out Strap to delight in the main advantages of PNF stretching and deal-unwind strategies, even Whenever your work out lover is unavailable. This strap features ten grip spots, so you'll by no means lack a destination to get maintain.

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